My name is Pupun Dudiyawan. I was born in Sunda land in Kuningan city of West Java, I know music from childhood, when I was elementary school. Starting from the introduction of traditional Sundanese music, I began to deepen modern music, and gradually learned about the music industry. Graduated from PAAP Unpad majoring in marketing made me more steady learning about Indonesian Music Industry.

Although I have self-taught capital (self-taught), I finally chose guitar instrument as my identity. Competition and band festival became my first step in modern music with my first band Antares (1998) which changed its name to ZEAL (1999). Festivals, music contests, and others I live as my initial mental train, not just ready to win, but prepare mentally to be ready to accept defeat. So I can learn many things. Until the end of its ZEAL broke up in 2003.

In 2003 I received an award from the President through the minister of Fisheries and Marine Affairs, in the contest of marine and fishery songwriting contest, with the title of first national champion.

In 2004, I participated in a selection of band player, reality show program of a national private tv, who was then familiar with The Dream Band program. And the producer set the name KAPTEN as my new band. The first album we created named KAPTEN (2005), then the second album MALAIKAT CINTA (2006). All under the auspices of EMI.

In 2008 I started making my ‘Guitar Signature’, 7 strings of course, and started my career as ‘Guitar Clinician’ with guitar ROCKWELL, until 2011.

In 2011 I chose to resign from KAPTEN and decide my own way, and continue my career as ‘guitar clinician’ with SCHECTER guitar, for 7 and 8 strings until 2015.

Not long after, I contacted my friend Darius Sinathrya to help his band project named D’Bandhits. And has produced 2 albums, namely D’BANDHITS (2012) and No LIMIT (2013).

In December 2017 I decided to return to my old band who ever raised my name in Indonesia, namely KAPTEN band. This decision I took after Zacky (Vocalist Captain) assured me that it was time for me to come back and build the CAPTEN back. And I am now at the Captain Band.


1.Best Guitarist, Djarum Super Festival se Area 3 Cirebon, 1999, in Indramayu

2.Best Guitarist,  at Music Festival  Independence 1999, Majalengka.

3.Best Guitarist, Rock Music Festival of Bandung Raya, in 1999 at RRI Bandung

4.Finalist BAND ALERT YAMAHA Music Festival, National level in 2000, Jakarta.

5.Finalist ASIAN BEAT YAMAHA MUSIC FESTIVAL, National level year 2001, Jakarta.

6.1st winer National Level of Songwriting Competition Hari Hari Nusantara organized by the Department of Fisheries and Marine Affairs, December 13, 2000. Jakarta.

7.Guitarist of Kapten Drem Band 2004.

8.Endorser Rockwell Guitar, 2008-2011

9.Endorser Schecter Guitar, 2011-2015.

10.Endorser Schecter Guitar, 2015-2017.

11.Endorser Schecter Guitar, 2015-2020.

12.Endorser Bugera guitar amp up to 2020


1.KAPTEN – Kapten Band, 2005

2.MALAIKAT CINTA – Kapten band 2007

3.D’BANDHITS! – D’Bandhits, 2012

4.NO LIMIT – D’Bandhits, 2013.

5.NOTHING BUT GUITAR, GitarPlus 2013.

6.For The Love of Guitar – Land Of Guitarist 2015

Musician and Schecter Guitar endorser